File Formats

TOP TYPE specialise in transcription – whether it be in digital format (wav, wma dss, ds2, mp3 or mp4) or recorded on a DVD (mov, rtf formats).

TOP TYPE recommends high quality recording equipment be used for focus groups or multiple speakers.  No matter where you are located, whether it be overseas or in Australia, we can transcribe your digital files quickly and efficiently.

TOP TYPE uses Olympus and Express Scribe for transcription of interviews, lectures, dictation, focus groups, videos etc.

Secure File Transfer (digital recordings)

TOP TYPE uses the following file transfer service:-

Send This File

Simply upload up to five digital files and the files will be automatically sent to our company for downloading.  If your recordings are in wav format, for ease of transfer, they can be converted to mp3, wma or dss via

Click here to upload your digital files via SendThisFile.


Helpful Hints for Clients seeking a Transcription Service

The length of time a typist takes to transcribe a recording will depend on several factors – including number of speakers, background noise, accents, muffled speech, people interrupting each other, background noise etc.  In these instances, it may take the typist longer to transcribe the file as he/she will need to rewind the recording and listen again to unclear words.

If you’re unsure of what your recording will cost to be transcribed, please contact us for an obligation-free quote.